Requirements to be a Dart Driver

  1. Pass the requirements below:

    • Bruneian or Permanent Resident of Brunei (Yellow/Purple IC only).

    • At least 21 years old or above.

    • Access to a car less than 7 years old (4 doors) with Insurance. Maximum 9-seater.

    • Possess Medical Certificate of Applicant for Public service.

    • If applicable, Consent Letter from Car Owner's Employer, Applicant's Consent Letter from Employer.

  2. Get the form and fill it in (forms can be found here):

    • Print and fill out Forms A & B.

    • Undergo a medical inspection at any local clinic and get the doctor to fill out your Medical Certificate form (which can be obtained from the office).

    • To obtain Class 12 license, you need to fill in the VDP1 form.

    • If you are planning to drive a car that is registered under someone else’s name, you need to get the owner to fill out the Consent Letter, giving his/her permission for you to use the vehicle.

    • For Car Permit, MTLA form can be obtained from Dart Office.

    • If you are currently employed and/or the car owner is employed, you are required to get a Consent Letter from your company. (For government employee, you are required to obtain Consent Letter from the respective Ministry).

  3. Call & Make an appointment:

    • Call or text our support line to make an appointment (+673 838-3278).

    • Availability of the slots are limited from Monday - Friday, 12:00pm - 2:00pm & 5:00pm - 6:00pm. This slots is open starting from 20th March 2019.

  4. Required documents and things you need to bring during the appointment:

    • Your Identity Card  -photocopy

    • Your Driver’s Licence  -photocopy

    • Your Blue Card  -photocopy

    • Your Motor Vehicle Insurance (comprehensive)  -photocopy

    • 2 x passport sized photos

    • Medical Clearance Certificate for Public Service Vehicle License

    • The photocopy of Vehicle Owner’s IC (if applicable)  -photocopy

    • Consent Letter from employer (if applicable)

    • Consent Letter from car owner (if applicable)

    • The vehicle you intend to drive.