Effective from March 2019, the new incentive plan for all Dart Drivers are as below:

Target Incentives (%)
30 rides – 59 rides
60 rides or above

Condition Requirement
Cancellation Rate
Maximum reassign requests
Average Star Rating
4.5 or higher

● The incentive reward will be deposited into the Dart Driver’s Balance, and drivers can cash out upon request. Terms & Conditions apply.

● To be eligible for the new incentive plan, the driver must reach a minimum number of rides.

● For drivers reaching rides from 30 rides to 59 rides in a calendar month, the driver is eligible for 5% incentive of total rides value.

● For drivers reaching 60 rides or above in a calendar month, the driver is eligible for 10% incentive of total rides value.

● Upon reaching the minimum number of rides required, the drivers must meet all of the 3 conditions:

  • Maintain a cancellation rate of 5% or lower.
  • Maintain an average of 4.5 star rating.
  • Maximum 3 reassign requests.

● If a driver exceeds the maximum reassign requests, 5% of the incentive will be withdrawn.

Reassign request: If the reason is considered valid, it will not be counted towards the reassign quota. This includes but not limited to: a male driver requesting to reassign because customer is requesting for female driver.

Cancellation Rate: If a driver cancels a ride due to customer no show or the customer requesting to cancel on behalf, the driver should inform Dart Team, so that it does not count into the driver’s cancellation rate.