BHC Visits the Dart Headquarters

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Recently, we were visited by our friends at BHC Magazine, Brunei's leading Home Living & Lifestyle publication, who dropped by to interview our CEO about Dart and the future of transportation in Brunei. They did a great article on the subject, which you can find in the October 2017 edition of their magazine (found here:  Check it out, and read about how Dart is 'bridging the gaps' in society and helping to transform the landscape of public transportation in Brunei!

Dart Surpasses One Month Target


Brunei Darussalam, 10th June 2017 - Dart Logistics Sdn Bhd has released that there has been close to 7000 downloads of the Dart App after one month of operation, with almost 100 completed rides to date and more than 300 registered interest to be a Dart Car driver. The statistics released by founder & CEO of Dart, Zul 'Amali bin DP H Idris, shows how the market is responding on a good note to the transportation network industry.

'We have received a great response from the public, especially those who are curious about our services. We have surpassed our monthly target of 5000 downloads and hoping that it will grow within the next few months when we introduce new services and promotions. What we are proposing is a recognised innovation and moving forward from the conventional way of ride booking services which is via calling or messaging. Our smartphone platform serves to fulfill the gap of transportation needs, for both corporate and personal needs.'

Dart also announced to the customers and the public as they are not limited to only booking for taxi services but aim to provide further range of services such as Dart Car, Courier services and ticketing with more planned in the near future. 'Dart is going to widen the scope of services and I hope that this informs minds of the public that we are not limited to doing taxi - booking services alone but aim to solve transport needs.' Zul'Amali added.

He also mentioned that Dart's new service will be recruiting drivers in a few weeks time to accommodate market's demand for travelling in Brunei. 'We are providing ease and convenience for the public of Brunei, to be able to move around in safe and affordable way as our aim is to be Brunei's safest and trusted transportation option. The public can travel in confidence with a trusted driver and secure payment gateway that enables you to do an initial one-time payment entry for a seamless experience.'

With the ambition to reduce unemployment, The Dart Car service will be provided with partnered private drivers. Potential drivers will need to be screened and qualify before going through the co-developed LTD - Dart driver training program to be a licensed Dart driver.

Those who are interested to be a Dart Car Driver can register interest via the Dart website at The public are able to download the App via App Store for iOS users and via Google Play for Android users.



10 Reasons to Hire A Dart Taxi


1. You're going to the Airport.

Going on holiday should be a relaxing experience. (You deserve a break, after all.) There’s only one catch: having to leave your car behind at the airport. Most people get around this difficulty by asking a friend or family member to drop them off – but why be a source of inconvenience? Especially if it’s an early-morning or late flight. Instead, call a Dart Taxi and start your vacation guilt free...

2. You're going somewhere with limited parking.

Ever tried to find a parking space in Gadong in the evening? Or at Times Square…anytime? Brunei has one of the highest vehicle ownership rates in the world, and traffic congestion is an ever-growing nightmare. If you’re going to a place where you know the parking will be scarce, why risk it? Hire a Dart Taxi and enjoy the feeling of smugness as you watch the other poor drivers circle the car park for the umpteenth time.

3. You're going to a wedding.

Technically, this falls under Reason 2. But it really deserves its own special place on the list. I mean, have you ever tried to find parking at a local wedding? I rest my case.

4. Your car isn't available.

Maybe it’s broken down. Maybe it’s in the shop for repairs. Maybe your brother/sister/cousin/distant relative decided to borrow it today. Who knows? There are a million reasons why your normal car might not be available at the moment. In the old days, if you couldn’t get a lift from someone, that meant you were stranded. But now there is a genuine alternative – Dart!

5. You don't own a car.

Of course, not everyone can afford their own car. And many people make do with buses instead. But sometimes you need to go somewhere specific, and it’s just too far to walk. (This is Brunei – it’s hot!) In these situations, consider using a Dart Taxi. It’s well worth the occasional expense!

6. Sometimes you just don't feel like driving.

Picture the scene: It’s a Wednesday evening, 6:00pm. It’s raining. You’ve just got back from work. You’re tired, miserable, and Friday seems a long way away. But the whole family is determined to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster at 7:30 – and YOU’RE the designated driver. Why should you be the only one to suffer? Call a Dart Taxi and sit back and relax, content in the knowledge that someone else will handle all the driving...

7. You get to meet the local taxi drivers.

Some of these gentlemen (and ladies!) have been working as taxi drivers for close to twenty years, and they tell terrific stories about Brunei’s history. It is fascinating to be driven around by someone who has watched the country grow and develop over the years, and to benefit from their words of wisdom. Many also have a great sense of humour!

8. It's safe.

At Dart, our number one concern is your safety. That’s why we extensively screen all potential drivers before allowing them to use our technology. In any case, all the details of your journey – time, location, destination, driver, vehicle – are saved on our databases, to be reviewed immediately if something goes amiss. (Don’t worry: it’s all confidential.) As I said, we take your safety very seriously.

9. It's patriotic!

Singapore and Malaysia have Grab; Indonesia has Go-Jek. But Dart is 100% Bruneian – made by Bruneians, for Bruneians. We, the Dart Team, have made it our mission to improve the transportation services in Brunei, and we hope that you will support us in this endeavour. Ours is a local business, and we want to provide jobs and benefit the economy as a whole.

10. It's cool. Be cool.

Dart is the hot new product these days. Don’t you want to be part of it?


If in doubt, Dart it...


Dart Settles Into New Home At Progresif


Dart Logistics, Brunei’s first taxi and ride booking service, today moved into new accommodation at the Progresif Cellular headquarters in Gadong, as part of the latter’s Startup Lab initiative to support promising young businesses and promote entrepreneurship. Progresif views this as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the public, and has thus made every effort to make its new incubees feel welcome.


“It’s really great to be working with Progresif,” commented Dart team member Arif Idris; ‘the facilities here are excellent, and they have been very generous with their time and support. The working area is spacious and modern, and we have access to all the amenities in the Progresif building. It’s clear that they take their social obligations very seriously.”

Such measures create the ideal conditions for creativity to flourish, as new ideas can be allowed to grow and develop in a safe environment. Ambitious young entrepreneurs can rub shoulders and discuss their business models in an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement. And the best of these models, which thrive during the incubation period, will go on to become successful businesses in their own right and have a positive effect on the wider economy.

The fact that Progresif is willing to accommodate Dart in its incubator is a vote of confidence in its marketability and capacity to achieve full self-sufficiency one day.

“One day we will inevitably have to fly the nest”, remarked Dart CEO and Founder Zul’Amali Idris. “But for now, Progresif feels like home.”



Dart Holds Training Sessions for Local Taxi Drivers


Over the past few weeks, the Dart Team have been hosting training sessions for local taxi drivers who expressed an interest in working with the company. Though the app itself was designed to be simple and intuitive to use, it was felt that live demonstrations would be the most effective way of communicating the technology to others. To that end, several workshops were set up, and local drivers invited to attend.

In each case, the sessions were led by Zul’Amali Idris, Founder and CEO of Dart, in which he gave a detailed presentation of the mechanics of the Dart app. A demonstration followed this, involving two Dart employees, who played the roles of passenger and driver.


“The live demos were definitely useful in showing how the app would function in real life,” said Fairuz Aminuddin, Operations Assistant at Dart. “I was also impressed by the quality of questions from the floor. The drivers were clearly interested in learning more about it, and they took the initiative to get involved and ask lots of excellent questions. Thankfully, we were well prepared and able to answer them all!”

Following the demonstration, all prospective drivers were required to register their personal details with the company and have a profile photo taken – a mandatory part of Dart’s safety policy. This ensures that whenever a passenger gets into a Dart Taxi, they can be confident that their driver has been screened and approved beforehand.


Invariably, the sessions would end in high spirits, and a complimentary dinner was provided to all those who attended. The participants were able to mingle and converse over platefuls of food, discussing the future of transportation in Brunei and how we might all work together to improve it.