Dart Settles Into New Home At Progresif


Dart Logistics, Brunei’s first taxi and ride booking service, today moved into new accommodation at the Progresif Cellular headquarters in Gadong, as part of the latter’s Startup Lab initiative to support promising young businesses and promote entrepreneurship. Progresif views this as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the public, and has thus made every effort to make its new incubees feel welcome.


“It’s really great to be working with Progresif,” commented Dart team member Arif Idris; ‘the facilities here are excellent, and they have been very generous with their time and support. The working area is spacious and modern, and we have access to all the amenities in the Progresif building. It’s clear that they take their social obligations very seriously.”

Such measures create the ideal conditions for creativity to flourish, as new ideas can be allowed to grow and develop in a safe environment. Ambitious young entrepreneurs can rub shoulders and discuss their business models in an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement. And the best of these models, which thrive during the incubation period, will go on to become successful businesses in their own right and have a positive effect on the wider economy.

The fact that Progresif is willing to accommodate Dart in its incubator is a vote of confidence in its marketability and capacity to achieve full self-sufficiency one day.

“One day we will inevitably have to fly the nest”, remarked Dart CEO and Founder Zul’Amali Idris. “But for now, Progresif feels like home.”